On 25.08.2023, the 7th Hildesheim company run took place at JoBeach. This is an initiative launched in 2016 by Volksbank Hildesheim, Transgourmet Deutschland and Event Werft.

The event aims to raise awareness of the importance of exercise for physical and mental health. Particularly in office work, on average people sit too much and move too little. As a result, certain muscle groups are neglected and health consequences can creep in.

Running promotes health and contributes to a long and fulfilling life. In addition, an event like the company run strengthens the team spirit in Hildesheim companies.

2023, more than 2000 athletes took part in the event. Unfortunately, we could not be there this year. 2022 was the last time we were at the start (see photo) and we hope that there will be a team from us again in 2024.

Post from 21st September 2023