Corporate Philosophy

Gebrüder Heyl Analysentechnik GmbH & Co. KG has been developing water analysis equipment since 1958. As part of this endeavour, the Hildesheim-based medium-sized company relies on exceptional product quality and considerable innovation density. The company’s success as a market and technology leader is based – among other things – on its liberal company philosophy and the values that it practices every single day. These are primarily based on the following four pillars.

The foundation for the corporate success of Gebrüder Heyl Analysentechnik is the Heyl crew. A crew of around 50 skilled individuals has guaranteed the company’s market leadership in the field of water analysis for over 60 years. Every single employee renders essential services and is jointly responsible for the company’s success. Accordingly, all crew members are respected and valued; they also receive support tailored to their needs and are challenged in their professional development. In this way, outstanding results can also be achieved in the future.

Once you come on board Gebrüder Heyl Analysentechnik, you usually remain part of the crew. The prerequisite for successful, long-term cooperation is an individual’s identification with Heyl’s values, as well as committed, independent performance of the activities at hand. Those who meet these requirements will enjoy a working atmosphere at Gebrüder Heyl Analysentechnik characterised by freedom and self-determination. This working environment is the reason behind the company’s exceptionally low staff turnover rate and long-term employment relationships at the Hildesheim-based water analyst, true to the motto: Once Heyl. Always Heyl.

More than 60 years ago, a thirst for new knowledge was one of the fundamental reasons for the incorporation of Gebrüder Heyl Analysentechnik. Pioneering spirit has remained an important asset since then. In-house innovations are just as relevant as collaborative work on new products with customers and partners. The constant need to make water analysis more efficient and sustainable worldwide has led to subsidiaries in France, the USA, the Netherlands and Switzerland, in addition to the company locations in Germany.

Green thinking and environmental protection are very important to Gebrüder Heyl Analysentechnik. All products and services are aimed at saving resources and increasing the efficiency of industrial plants, for example. In addition, the company is always striving to make its own production more sustainable. Water is life, and Gebrüder Heyl Analysentechnik wants to preserve this elixir of life for people, animals and the entire planet.

Updated: October 2022