The new Testomat Pro series is now officially available through all our sales partners. One model from this series is the so-called Testomat® Pro Ca self clean. This further development of the Testomat 2000 automatically monitors the calcium hardness in the water by titration. In addition, a number of features have been incorporated to simplify operation and data analysis, among other things.

New product features:

  1. monitoring of up to two measuring points (with integrated self-test and continuous monitoring)
  2. simple, menu-supported operation and programming via OLED
  3. Ethernet network connection with web server for graphical display of measured values
  4. logging of measured values and alarms as well as updates via SD card
  5. e-mail notification of alarms
  6. a built-in, optional self-clean function
  7. newly developed, high-precision microdosing pump (MicroClip®)

The Testomat Pro series is perfect for analysing drinking water. Other complementary areas of application include cooling tower monitoring, boiler houses and the food industry. We are very proud of our new Testomat series and would like to thank everyone involved in this product innovation.

Post from 6th June 2024