This week we are once again organising the Management Information Game (MIG) in cooperation with Howmet Aerospace. The organiser is the Bildungswerk der Niedersächsischen Wirtschaft, and Andreas Mätzold is of course in attendance to lead the game. During the first two days, the 18 business-minded pupils were treated to exciting presentations on topics such as company organisation and objectives, financial accounting and profitability analysis, as well as an innovation workshop. Speakers included Tilman Heyl, Jochen Todt, Hasan Kayki and Roman Ziesing.

Between the presentations, the MIG Management teams made their first important business decisions and set the course for the preliminary highlight, the presentation evening on Wednesday. Here, the MIG participants presented their innovative products in detail to a selected jury. Afterwards, they enjoyed the buffet and socialised with the guests from business, the schools and the companies. Tomorrow there will be the final investor conference. This is where the business results will be presented and discussed in front of “investment representatives” and “business journalists”.

Post from 12th april 2024