For many years, hospitals in Germany have been facing major time, technical and financial challenges. One major cost factor is the highly sensitive surgical instruments. These instruments have to be thoroughly cleaned after each use, and the water required for this goes through several treatment steps.

Silicates in particular can severely damage the surgical instruments by depositing on them and rendering them unusable. Chemical cleaning is not only expensive, but also reduces the durability of the instruments. For comparison: two sets of surgical instruments for hip and knee operations are worth over 20,000 euros. Our Testomat® 808 SiO2 offers a cost-effective and technically advanced solution to the problem of silicate contamination. This device continuously monitors the silicate concentration in a hospital’s water. If the limit value is exceeded, the device automatically intervenes in the water supply. In addition, the building management system is notified so that the technical staff can intervene at any time.

The use of our Testomat® 808 SiO2 significantly extends the service life of the surgical instruments and ensures that important operations can be carried out.True to the motto: “Where water meets Heyl, resources are saved”

Post from 25th March 2024