The bottles can be used immediately in the instrument without cumbersome filling and refilling.

The indicators are suitable for use in the following instruments: Titromat® KH, Titromat® TH, Titromat® M1, Titromat® M2

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Type of indicator
for device
Test substanceMeasuring
ResolutionOrder number
TH 2500 Reagent A TH water hardness2.5 – 50 °dH2.5 °dH155160
TH 2500 Reagent B TH water hardness2.5 – 50 °dH2.5 °dH155161
TC 2010 Reagent A M1 carbonate hardness0.05 – 1 °dH0.025 °dH155172
TC 2010 Reagent B M1 carbonate hardness0.05 – 1 °dH0.025 °dH155173
TC 2020 Reagent A M2 carbonate hardness0.05 – 2 °dH0.05 °dH155170
TC 2020 Reagent B M2 carbonate hardness0.05 – 2 °dH0.05 °dH155171
TC 2060 Reagent A KH carbonate hardness2 – 60 °dH2 °dH155176
TC 2060 Reagent B KH carbonate hardness2 – 60 °dH2 °dH155177
TC 2150 Reagent A KH carbonate hardness5 – 150 °dH5 °dH155178
TC 2150 Reagent B KH carbonate hardness5 – 150 °dH5 °dH155179