The indicators are suitable for use in the following instruments: Testomat® 808, Testomat® F-BOB, Testomat® C-BOB, Testomat® M-BOB

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Indicator typefor deviceLimit valueBottle sizeOrder number
300808 / F-BOB0.02 °dH residual hardness 100 ml140001
300 S808 / F-BOB0.05 °dH residual hardness 100 ml140002
301808 / F-BOB0.1 °dH residual hardness 100 ml140003
302808 / F-BOB0.2 °dH residual hardness 100 ml140004
303808 / F-BOB0.3 °dH residual hardness 100 ml140005
305808 / F-BOB0.5 °dH residual hardness 100 ml140006
310808 / F-BOB1 °dH residual hardness 100 ml140007
320808 / F-BOB2 °dH residual hardness 100 ml140008
330808 / F-BOB3 °dH residual hardness 100 ml140009
3508085 °dH residual hardness100 ml140010
C 5C-BOB0.5 °dH carbonate hardness /alkalinity 100 ml140020
C 10C-BOB1 °dH carbonate hardness /alkalinity 100 ml140021
C 15C-BOB1.5 °dH carbonate hardness /alkalinity 100 ml140022
C 20C-BOB2 °dH carbonate hardness /alkalinity 100 ml140023
C 30C-BOB3 °dH carbonate hardness /alkalinity 100 ml140024
C 40C-BOB4 °dH carbonate hardness/alkalinity100 ml140025
M 1M-BOB0.1 mmol/l minus m value100 ml140040
M 3M-BOB0.3 mmol/l minus m value100 ml140041
M 5M-BOB0.5 mmol/l minus m value100 ml140042