Our phosphate analyzer Testomat 2000® PO4 can now work with the common 500 ml bottles or with large containers (20 litre canister for reagent A and 5 litre canisters for reagent B, since the consumption of the reagents is different).

The range of the large reagent containers is approximately 2 months when measured with an analysis interval of 5 analyses per hour (120 analyses per day).

The chemical stability of the reagents is 1 year. Therefore, the use of the large containers is particularly worthwhile for applications where analyses are carried out daily. The frequent change of indicator when using the 500 ml bottles is no longer necessary.

The reagent volume is chosen in the basic program menu (from software version 66DEF041 or 66ESN041)

Order numberProduct Quantity
40535Suction lance for 20-litre container1
40536Suction lance for 5-litre container1
156281Testomat 2000 reagent PO4 2100 A20 litres
156282Testomat 2000 reagent PO4 2100 B5 litres

News from 27th November 2019