On Thursday, 29 February 2024, a one-day workshop sponsored by the state of Lower Saxony took place in our Heyl halls. We were visited by several external experts, including from the APITs Lab. Together with crew members from our development department, they explored the question: “How can new technologies be integrated into our products and processes?”

The first step was to identify suitable and forward-looking technologies in order to answer and discuss this highly topical digitalisation challenge. The findings of this initial analysis were then presented to the workshop participants. Creative techniques such as the World Café were then used to jointly develop implementation strategies. This resulted in new product and service ideas.

With the help of the workshop, we have created a foundation on which we will build. We would like to thank Thomas Otto and Robb Liedtke once again for their professional and competent support, as well as the state of Lower Saxony and the APITs Lab for their support.

Post from 13th March 2024