The data logger with USB connection can be used in Testomat® 808 devices.
It provides a protocol of the readings and notifications of the Testomat® 808 using the 20mA current loop. Data access is performed via the built-in USB port.

The USB data logger cannot be used with Testomat® 808 SiO2 devices!


Technical Data

  • Monitors the Testomat® 808 continuously.
  • Storage capacity for 32000 samples. Assuming a typical interval pause time of 15 minutes, 10 months data can be captured.
  • Battery lifetime more than 1 year
  • Data access via USB port
  • Drivers and application usable with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 (32 und 64 bit) operating systems
  • Readings are shown in web browser in HTML format in table format with timestamp. Printable directly from browser.
  • In addition readings are stored in „CSV“ format for convenient post processing with office software