The WLAN SD Card for Testomat® EVO provides network connection for remote enquiry. The card replaces the standard flash card in the Testomat® EVO and provides wireless access (WiFi) to online data, stored measurements and messages/alarms.


Technical Data

  • 8 GByte flash memory with a capacity of approx. 40 Mio readings and messages
  • WLAN access point with secure WPA2 encryption.
  • Range approx. ca. 20m
  • Graphical online display in browser of most recent reading including timestamp, min/max, limit values, type of indicator and most recent alarm message.
  • Graphical display in browser of daily/monthly readings. Zooming and panning possible.
  • Data download via browser
  • Secure read only access. Settings can not be altered inadvertently.  
  • Single requirement is a javascript capable browser.
  • Use your PC or notebook with Windows or Android, your iOS phone or tablet, even suitable E-Book readers with javascript capable browser work.