In most hospitals, surgical cutlery is reprocessed after use. This handling conserves resources and minimises costs. In some cases, however, the material must be completely disposed of and professionally recycled.

The reason for disposal is often corrosion of the material. Mostly recognisable by a bluish discolouration, which makes it impossible to use, as sterility can no longer be guaranteed.

The formation is due to the process of disinfection or cleaning in autoclaves. Silicate plays an important role in this process. Too high a content leads to corrosion and thus to more resource consumption and higher costs, as the cutlery may no longer be used in this way.

To solve this problem, we have developed an analysis device that can determine the silicate content fully automatically, thus enabling an optimal use of resources while minimising costs. … and here you will find the solution:

Post from 21th November 2022