Data logger for Testomat 2000® with network connection for remote enquiry and maintenance.


Technical Data

  • The network logger plug-in card for Testomat 2000® is a miniature computer with network connection, webserver, FTP server and integrated flash memory
  • 8 MB flash memory for 400000 measured values and notifications (over a period of 5 years) Generation of one measuring and onealarm file per month
  • Files are stored in “CSV” format and can be edited with a spreadsheet software
  • Display the current measured values and the last alarm on a web browser
  • Graphic display of the monthly measuring values on a web browser
  • Notification of new measured values, alarms/notifications and limit values being exceeded via email
  • File download by browser or FTP
  • Forwarding of all notifications and measured values to any TCP/IP port for linking systems with SPS and other network-enabled devices
  • Password protection for all settings, FTP and web access
  • Auto-MDI-X