Special Resin

Special resin for protection against microbial contamination in softening plants in idle state

The disinfection effect of Bioresin BW® 05 is based on metallic silver, which has been firmly attached to the exchanger resin balls in a special procedure. Metallic silver is practically non-watersoluble.

The smell and taste of the water are not affected.


Performance Profile

  • effective against microbial recontamination of the resin at low flow rate and in idle state
  • does not negatively impact the disinfecting effect through backflushing and salting during filter regeneration, thus effective for a long time
  • existing systems can be retrofitted for use
  • does not negatively impact the smell and taste of the water
  • no need for expensive dosing equipment to disinfect the filter material
  • no premature regeneration of the softening system with sodium chloride necessary for disinfection, thus environmentally friendly and economical
  • maintenance-free

Available in the following packaging units

1 l Bioresin® BW 05
10 l Bioresin® BW 05
100 l Bioresin® BW 05