Since mid-2019, you can access current hardness values via our Heyl Cloud in Hildesheim (hardness measurement in the HeylCloud).
We are now looking for beta testers who want to take advantage of cloud access:

  • Worldwide access via smartphone, tablet and PC without software installation – one browser is sufficient
  • Automatic data archiving (3 months, expandable)
  • Optional notification of limit values or system errors by e-mail or SMS
  • Low installation effort due to 3G/UMTS or LTE data connection
  • Data security through the use of Deutsche Telekom’s cloud

The following requirements should be met for a successful beta test:

  • Existing Testomat 2000® with RS910 serial interface card for any parameter or Testomat® EVO
  • Testomat devices require up-to-date firmware:
    • Testomat 2000®: “Data logger” mode must be selectable in the menu (since about 2017)
    • Testomat® EVO: Firmware 100M008S00
  • Location within the EU. Special modems for the different frequency bands in the USA are available in small numbers
  • Network coverage with 3G or LTE is available.
  • Location must not be in the basement and must be within 1 meter of a window to place the external antenna
  • Safety plug on the device

What happens next?

You send us:

  • Device data incl. firmware version
  • Device location
  • Contact e-mail address
  • Email address for access to your website in Telekom Cloud.

You will receive:

  • Information on network coverage (whether it is possible to use it at all)
  • Access data for the cloud if network coverage is provided,
  • Modem with matching connection cable for your device

Requests under with the subject: Beta test Heyl Cloud

News from 22th January 2020